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The Use of Infrared and Solar-blind UV Cameras and UAS / Drones to Inspect Utility Transmission Lines

James Brady Level III Certified Infrared Thermographer Avoiding transmission failures is paramount for power utility companies. Failures have the potential to impact large sections of a power grid, and can be challenging for utility companies to restoring power in a timely manner. Unlike distribution outages that may affect tens or even hundreds of customers, transmission

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IR Inspections of Electric Motors

Despite the important role they play in a commercial facility, electric motors tend to be both out-of-sight and out-of-mind until they fail. Infrared thermography can be used as a cost-effective diagnostic tool for detecting problems within electric motor systems. Many infrared inspection programs include motor control circuits but overlook the motor itself. Evidence of several

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Drones Support Safer Inspections

Many types of industrial inspections have the potential to put workers in risky situations, i.e., needing to work from height or being exposed to dangerous materials or substances. Consider these examples: A building’s windows are leaking heat, so you need a survey of the structure’s thermal signature to help avoid unnecessary financial loss. Recent storms

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Preparing Your Facility for an Infrared Electrical Inspection

Cody Jackson Level III Certified Infrared Thermographer     Discussion In most facilities across the midwest, regularly scheduled shutdown periods allow for all kinds of repairs, improvements, and preventive maintenance that are vital to the efficiency of the facility. Arguably, the most important system in any facility is the electrical system. As the backbone to every

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Emissivity Settings for Building Inspections

Tip written by: Infraspection Institute A common question among thermographers who perform infrared inspections of buildings is, “What emissivity setting should I use?” While this might seem like a straightforward question, the answer is not that simple. Recent years have seen a dramatic increase in the use of thermography as a building diagnostics tool. While

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From Planning to Reporting: How to Properly Conduct Infrared Inspections of Electrical Systems

Abstract A successful infrared electrical inspection starts before you leave the office. The success of any project depends on planning, preparation, and attention to details. It also includes clear communication of expectations while you are on-site, and comprehensive collection of data during the inspection. This presentation is based on the lessons learned from daily operations

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