Infrared Elevated Body Temperature Screening

While everyone is familiar with using Thermography for commercial uses, it has been used for years in the medical field. In the case of the COVID-19 pandemic, Thermography can be used to scan for elevated body temperatures.

The “Opening up America Again” plan, issued by the Center of Disease Control (CDC), is a guidance plan for citizens and businesses to get back to work. This plan recommends temperature checks of employees as they enter the workplace. While many companies consider using infrared thermometers, it should be noted that if personnel are not trained in the proper procedure (which includes being within a couple of inches of the subjects face…) these thermometers are highly inaccurate and notoriously slow. Body temperature screenings using an automated infrared system provides an accurate means of taking a person’s temperature while maintaining a safe distance. These cameras can process up to 500 people per hour all in an automated manner keeping everyone safe.


Central Texas Thermal Imaging can assist you in picking the proper camera system, provide training, and can help set up the system to provide accurate screenings in the most efficient manner.

Alan Kowalik, the owner of Central Texas Thermal Imaging, is a Level III certified thermographer who has been trained as an Infrared Body Screening Technician through Infraspection Institute.