Moisture IR - Non-Destructive Moisture Detection Services


Moisture intrusion can literally destroy a building's structural integrity and can become a breeding ground for potentially dangerous molds and mildew.

Central Texas Thermal Imaging uses sophisticated thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters and can locate and identify areas of moisture intrusion without the need to "open up" walls and ceilings. Because these cameras can detect light that is invisible to the eye, they can pinpoint the originating source of moisture without deconstructing the area.

Thermal imaging will identify slack areas of insulation in walls and ceiling cavities, find out where a plumbing leak is coming from, and detect moisture intrusion where seals have been cracked or broken. It also can detect drafts near doors or windows. It does this by recognizing the temperature differences between the affected and the normal area, which show up as different colors. The darkest areas contain the moisture (or the cold location of the draft). This non-invasive way of finding your moisture problem keeps other areas of your walls intact for minimal repair time, making it more affordable and easier to fix. This thermal imaging can also find areas where heat and cold are being lost by finding influxes in heat or cold. After finding the energy-wasting areas, changes can be made to lower energy consumption and in turn, lower your energy costs.

Thermal imaging technology is becoming an integral part of building maintenance and you will be glad you chose this method of detection to clear up moisture intrusion. This will also save you money in future repairs by preventing further damage.

MoistureIR Images